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Sports & Entertainment Law



  • Trademark

  • Copyright

  • Band Agreements

  • Songwriter Split Sheets

  • Master Use & Sync-License Agreements

  • Public Performance Agreements

  • Advice on “Fair Use” & Mechanical Licensing Matters

  • Agreements between Artists & Managers

  • Agreements between Agents & Other Representatives

  • Development, Production, & Distribution Transactions

  • Royalties & Residuals

  • Recording Agreements

  • Tour Support Agreements

  • Merchandising

  • Music Rights

  • Production Agreements

  • Distribution Agreements

  • Representation Agreements

  • License Agreements for the Use of Music in Film, Television, Live Performances, Social Media & the Internet

  • Artist Recording, Management, Music Publishing, Touring, & Event Productions

While creativity and music may drive you, remember that you are an entrepreneur. If you were starting a coffee shop with a friend you would want to sort out the business terms before getting involved, right? 


Is every member an equal partner in your business? It’s important to understand expectations and assign roles early on when everyone is cooperative and on good terms. It’s too late to discuss who owned the band’s name when someone is seeking to leave the group. Set the bar. Expect that you will be very successful with your projects and take every endeavor on as a multimillion-dollar profiting project and not at the value it cost you to produce it. 


Creating and using music in today’s digital world creates substantial opportunities, but can also pose high risks. Technology and media industries continue to evolve. We can help you navigate music platforms and the complex related copyright laws.

Are you considering signing with a manager? Thinking of collaborating with other song writers or band members on a song? Pride Law, PLLC can help you or your band with vital legal services. 

Visual Arts


Dallas offers legal advice to visual artists and provides a variety of legal services such as:


  • Trademark & Copyright

  • Transactions with Buyers

  • Mediation

  • Drafting of Consignment Agreements

  • Exhibition Negotiation and Management

  • Business Agreements

  • Collaborative Project Agreements

  • Drafting Contracts

  • Artist-Manager Relations





The sports industry is a multi-billion dollar business, yet athletes are often unfairly compensated due to lack of legal representation. Dallas believes sports have the potential of being the great equalizer. Additionally, athletes have the potential of utilizing their platform on the world’s stage to shed light on social injustice and celebrate diversity. This is partly why Dallas is passionate about representing clients that take part in the industry. 


From little league to professional soccer, there are various layers of policy and transactional law to consider. Whether you are an individual athlete, a sports organization, team, or business associated in the sports industry, there are a variety of legal services that are pertinent to you and your success.


  • Athlete Representation Agreements for a Professional Sports Talent Agency

  • Contract Negotiations & Representation 

  • Influencer Agreements

  • Marketing & Endorsement Negotiation

  • Salary Arbitration Representation 

  • Personal Advising 

  • Mediation 


Social Media


Thinking of working with brands to recommend or endorse products, or hiring a social media influencer? If so, there are laws that you need to comply with. The Federal Trade Commission is the leading federal agency charged with protecting consumers that may be affected by influencers. This is an emerging area that is subject to increasing future oversight and scrutiny. Therefore, it is vital to your success to stay informed. Our firm assists with:

  • Influencer Negotiations & Agreements 

  • Advise on Intersection of Social Media & the Law

  • Risk Analysis 

  • Litigation Prevention 

  • Trademark 

  • Copyright 

  • Online Contests & Promotions 

  • Consumer Contracts & Reviews

  • Endorsements

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Visual Art
Social Media
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