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The Holiday Season, You, and Your Loved Ones

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

This holiday season has come. What is considered by most a time for gathering and celebrating, can also be at times not endured without associated anxiety and stress. There are more people visiting your home than normal, crowded public spaces, longer lines, extra expenses, and often no shortage of alcohol. This combination can spark short tempers and riskier behaviors.

Due to the added stress of this there will be increased patrols on the road seeking out DUI drivers and more security in shopping areas for crowd control and theft intervention. Ultimately, this can lead to more police contact resulting in more arrests. During this holiday season, be mindful of your environment and be cognizant of your loved ones’ behaviors, as well as your own. Know when to take a break and avoid contentious matters with your relatives.

If you are hosting gatherings for loved ones, please serve alcohol responsibly and be vigilant. If you are partaking in the consumption of alcohol, remember to drink responsibly. According to the National Highway Traffic Highway Safety Administration, 781 people lost their lives in drunk-driving-related crashes in December of 2016.

  1. Designate a sober driver

  2. Do not drink and drive

  3. Talk to your loved ones about the importance of not drinking and driving

  4. Have a backup plan

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