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Mehera Nori


Meet Mehera Nori, a seasoned attorney with over seven years of diverse legal experience, dedicated to providing compassionate legal advocacy. As the owner of Pride Law PLLC, Mehera brings a wealth of expertise across various legal domains, and demonstrates her lifelong commitment to social justice and community equity.

From legal aid and nonprofit work to government and private practice, Mehera has excelled in housing law, healthcare compliance, regulatory analysis, estate planning, business formation, disability advocacy, and LGBTQI2S+ legal support. Mehera’s practice centers marginalized and underserved communities, and she strives to serve her communities in an empathetic way.


At Pride Law, Mehera offers a safe and supportive space for clients seeking legal assistance, focusing on creating positive change in the community. She stands as a testament to the belief that law can be a force for good, empowering individuals and communities to overcome legal challenges with dignity and resilience.

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