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Business Law

Business Formation and Strategy

  • Client-Tailored General Counsel Services

  • Business Formation 

  • Structure & Strategy

  • Employee Contracts

  • Employees & Contractors

  • Trademark & Copyright 

  • Coordination of Outside Legal Services

  • Social Media 

  • Non-Compete Agreements

  • Operating Agreements

  • Partnership Agreements

Dallas’ (they/them) entrepreneurial experience gives them a deep understanding and appreciation for the legal challenges and business opportunities clients encounter. Dallas demonstrated their entrepreneurial drive early on in life. In elementary school, they took orders for handmade bracelets and sold them at a profitable rate. When they decided to attend college, they started a small health and fitness business to give them the flexibility to focus on schoolwork and attend classes full-time. During law school they aligned with the global franchise Sofar Sounds and started the Phoenix, Arizona chapter. More recently, they started their private law practice as a sole proprietor, and now serves their clients as a PLLC. It is no wonder why Dallas is passionate about working with small business owners and entrepreneurs.


Dallas understands that when it comes to business formation, it is not a one size fits all method. They can provide legal consultation that will consider the best structure and strategy for you and your business. Our firm can help your business enhance its potential through isolating and minimizing weaknesses, spotting and managing risks and uncertainties, and offering effective solutions.


We can serve as your in-house counsel and advise you on potential legal issues you may face in each phase of your business. We can offer client-tailored legal and business consulting packages to provide you with effective, innovative, real-world solutions. Dallas can get your business to market and assist with new areas during its evolution.

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